What is Öppen?

Öppen is a highly efficient way of designing and constructing buildings, so that more of the investment benefits the people who use and enjoy the end product. Öppen is a real building minus the waste.

We have intelligently combined a suite of insights from within and outside the building industry into what will make buildings work better, with the result that Öppen is designed to be better from beginning to end.

Öppen technology encapsulates our experience of designing hundreds of buildings with Öppen-like advantages into a pre-engineered building with all of the Öppen advantages already built in – so all you have to do is to make Öppen your own. We take care of the complexity of building, so you can focus on what you want to do in your new Öppen building.

The Öppen advantage

  • Öppen is a product, so, from the outset, you know what you are going to get
  • Öppen is about 50% faster to build than a traditional building
  • Öppen costs about 10 – 20% less than a traditional building
  • Öppen is a better building because it has been tried and tested
  • Öppen is more sustainable because it is well insulated, really airtight and will last a long time
  • Öppen can be personalised to match your exact requirements
  • Öppen is designed to be adaptable so that it will suit your requirements as much tomorrow as it does today
  • Öppen is made with heavy duty, durable materials
  • Öppen is guaranteed and exceeds industry standards
  • Öppen is an intelligent building

Who will build Öppen?

We have carefully selected established owner-managed contractors who are both smart enough to recognise there is a better way to do construction and nimble enough to integrate a supply chain of specialist contractors.

With this arrangement, there is the real possibility of achieving continuous improvement.

Is Öppen a building system?

Building systems are closed, private, limited dead ends.

Öppen is a method of resourcing from the pinnacle of contemporary manufacturing and techniques.

Öppen’s provenance and intellectual property

Öppen was invented by Stubbs Rich  based on our lifetime’s experience of designing with the Öppen concepts, either individually or in concert. It was this experience which led Stubbs Rich to invest in bringing all these threads together.

The Öppen concept is protected by patent pending no. 1111134.1 and the name Öppen™ is a registered Trade Mark.

Öppen thinking

Öppen’s intelligent thinking changes the dynamics:

• Öppen is pre-designed which greatly increases certainty of performance, delivery and price, mass production and mass customisation.

• Öppen’s simplicity benefits cost, speed, accident and defect reductions,

• Öppen’s waste elimination and building right first time benefits cost and time reductions and quality improvements,

• Öppen’s adaptability prolongs long-term value and reduces environmental costs,

• Öppen’s mass customization and personalisation provides streamlined choice.

As a result, Öppen may be tendered competitively while retaining all the advantages of the internal market and supply chain collaboration. An Öppen purchase is comparable to a product purchase.