I want a new office

Whether it is for open-plan or cellular, professional services, design studio or call centre, the Öppen office is ideal. Starting as open-plan, Öppen is readily adaptable to suit new layouts. With no central columns, there are no constraints on how the space may be laid out initially or over time. 15m wide clear span.

I want new classrooms

Classrooms can get heavy use – but Öppen’s solid construction won’t bat an eyelid. Öppen presents a unique opportunity to suit both today’s and tomorrow’s pedagogy. Öppen is as quick and cost-effective as prefabs but is a real building. 15m and 18m wide clear span.

I want a new lab

An Öppen laboratory is ideal for wet labs or dry labs, light engineering or IT, biology or chemistry. It works particularly well where the type of research is yet to be determined and where it will change over time.

I want new hospital wards

Medical best practice advances so much faster than the hospital building fabric. Öppen provides a solid environment for flexible uses – indeed it is so adaptable and quick to erect that it is ideal for decant space, accommodating a variety of uses during estate re-organisation. 18m wide twin span.

I want apartments

Öppenhaus is optimised for one, two and three bed apartments allowing you to respond to the market even during construction. 15m wide twin or triple span.

I want student residential

As a highly repetitive requirement, Öppenhaus perfectly qualifies for student accommodation.